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Why is time such an important element in what you do?
Time allows you to learn, grow, heal and enjoy life

Which natural cycles govern your life?
Your heart beat, breathing, biorythm, night and day, the lunar cycle, the seasons, the universal cycles and frequencies

Why should you strive to be in harmony with the natural cycles?
Harmony gives you growth and pleasure

How can separate beings achieve harmony with each other?
By integrating as one Self - ie no boundaries

Do you live in the world or is the world within you?
You are the world, and the world is you

How do you identify with your neighbour?
Love thy neighbour as thyself because he and you are one and the same

What does your cat's purring mean?
It means whatever you were doing or thinking at the time was "purrfect", so stick to it

Who is your dog a reflection of?
"Dog" is simply "God" in reverse. Love and respect your dog because he/she is a powerful source of unconditional love and trust

How are you aware of your Divine Powers?
Through your ability to manifest your spiritual Self's IDEALS in the world