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What does Heaven on Earth mean to you?
A world of love, peace and harmony

What prevents you from living in Heaven on Earth now?
The world's selves are still fragmented

What does it take to create a Heaven on Earth?
Follow these twelve steps

Which systems should be discarded?
Anything that separates the selves from each other and the Source

What progress should be made?
Anything that integrates the selves with each other and the Source

What does true freedom mean?
No restrictive boundaries

By what code of ethics would you live?
The Universal Law, ie love, which is the strongest force in the Universe

Who is going to punish you if you step out of line?
Punishment will disappear from our vocabulary

What effect do drugs of addiction have on your ability to gain freedom?
Drugs cloud the mind and the connection with the Source

At what point should you quit taking drugs of addiction?
Whenever it suits you. An attrative goal such as Heaven on Earth should be enough incentive to quit

How do you know when you are free as a butterfly?
Your black and white attitudes have turned into wonderful colours, and so has the world