Please use your usual power of discernment when reading the material on this web site

Your thoughts are generally arranged into convenient and separate boxes of attitudes/perceptions

What is your attitude to the concepts of "you" and "I", "them" and "us"?
"Opposite" concepts or boxes exist only in a world of separation

How can boundaries between boxes lead to friction and cost you energy?
Boundaries between boxes need control and protection to prevent "unauthorised" crossing of the boundaries

Do you feel separate from everything else?
Yes, because separation gives you an identity

To what extent should you keep your identity in the new world?
You and I become an harmonious WE as we ascend the pyramid structure of dimensions toward the Source. We would still be separate individuals, but we would think as WE

Where would you draw the line between an animal and you?
The specific type of animal and its behaviour form part of that particular symbol in your world

Where would you draw the line between a plant and you?
Your garden is an indicator of personal growth/health or lack thereof

Where would you draw the line between a rock and you?
The rock symbolises a long-lasting foundation of your spiritual life

Is everything in the outer world part of your world?
Only that part of the outer world you become consciously aware of

Are you allowed to be angry at something?
To "shoot" a divine messenger is to completely miss the point in the learning process

Which attitudes/perceptions should you change?
Those that give rise to IDEAS that are in conflict with your IDEALS