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What is the difference between conditional and unconditional love?
Conditional love has rules which incorporate rejection clauses

Why is unconditional love such a rock solid foundation?
You are accepted no matter what

To whom are you responsible for what you do and say?
Be true to yourself

How would punishment solve any problems?
It wouldn't - it only makes you more separate

How do you stop other people hurting you?
Love them and forgive them, for they make you grow

What do you learn by judging others?
That you are following your IDEAS, and not your IDEALS

How do you control overwhelming negative emotions?
By consciously changing your perspective

What change is needed to love a brutal dictator?
You need to love yourself

What change is required to remove all the negative things?
Change your perspective so that the opposites are integrated

What do you feel when you finally love everybody and everything?
A sense of oneness