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Your inner and outer worlds are not separated - together they form one world

Your world consists of four parts which communicate with each other

The first represents the masculine, rational, finite, physical conscious mind. It lives in linear time and space and communicates IDEAS to the subconscious mind

The second represents the feminine, intuitive, infinite, emotional subconscious mind. It lives in a socalled spatial time

The third part - the spiritual Self - is timeless and spaceless. It communicates IDEALS (or Truths) to the subconscious mind in accordance with the Universal Law

The fourth part - the Source - is the Universal Legislator and origin of the IDEALS

Together, these four very different parts must live in harmony with each other to prevent emotional distress or breakdown

For example, any conflict between rational IDEAS and spiritual IDEALS can cause emotional upset

The rational mind, then, must make a conscious effort to restore the balance by discarding some IDEAS and instead following the IDEALS of the spiritual Self

A balanced mind is a healthy world

But how do you learn to balance or heal your world?

A healing program is just like the reprogramming of our perceptions and attitudes

And it is the rational conscious mind that acts as the programmer