Please use your usual power of discernment when reading the material on this web site

Nature means the greater life that sustains the individual life

Your personal place in the web of life is a spiritual Self in the form of a living human

To follow your spiritual Self means to go with the flow of its IDEALS

How do you find true healing?
By following your IDEALS - being intuitive

Which wonders of life move you the most?
Births, deaths and revelations

What do earthquakes mean to you?
They indicate radical changes to you or your life

What do volcanoes mean to you?
A breaking out of energy in you or your life

What happens to your garden when you are healthy?
A fertile garden that grows, flowers and bears lots of fruit

Why do you have an aversion toward some insects?
There is no need - insects are divine messengers that emphasise your need to look more closely at details

Why are you scared of snakes?
It is unfounded - snakes are divine messengers reminding you to get ready for important changes

Why are spiders so fearsome?
They symbolise a greater purpose that you may fear

What is your connection with the Universe?
The Universe always adjusts itself to accommodate your picture of reality