Please use your own usual power of discernment when reading the material on this web site

The journey to Heaven on Earth begins in your inner world

Your mind should be completely open to new IDEAS and your own IDEALS when learning something new

It is a prerequisite that you believe in a Power greater than yourself

The only way to reach Heaven on Earth as a whole person is to turn your life over to the care of your Source

The three key words are - SURRENDER, TRUST and GRATITUDE

Use prayer and meditation to improve your contact with the Source

Make your own honest moral inventory and include any drugs of addiction

Humbly ask the Source to remove your shortcomings

Use your own initiative and imagination when making amends to people you have harmed

In your heart forgive those that have harmed you

Live in the NOW - the past and the future do not exist

You will know that you are awakening spiritually when your IDEAS start aligning themselves with your spiritual IDEALS

To keep improving yourself, repeat the previous steps in whichever order suits you and as often as you like