Please use your usual power of discernment when reading the material on this web page

When you glance at a normal window from the outside, you see the room inside and the simultaneous reflection of the outside world

The inner and outer worlds are one and the same world

What is the difference between attitudes/perceptions and thoughts?
Attitudes/perceptions are the mind's reprogrammable circuitry used by the thinking process

How do you change the world?
Start by reprogramming your own attitudes/perceptions

What usually accompanies a change in attitude/perception?
Mental anguish and a fear of the unknown

Where should you look for answers to your prayers?
Everywhere - prayers are always answered

What responsiblity must you take if you were the Source?
For the whole - good and evil do not exist at the Source

How much responsibility can you tolerate?
It depends on your various attitudes/perceptions

Why do evil things happen?
All things happen according to a master plan. But they are only evil if you believe them to be so

Why do you distinguish between good and evil?
Good and evil are illusory concepts created by a dominant rational mind

What do you get when you integrate the fragmented selves?
A new wholistic attitude - fragmented selves become One Self, good and evil disappear