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Separation means the separation of the One Self into many selves and from the Source - your outer world becomes separated from your inner world

This separation occurs because your rational conscious mind becomes too dominant

Separation manifests itself as a judgemental black and white world based on the concept of good and evil

Examples of black and white concepts are competition, money, ownership, politics, laws, police, national borders, armed forces, racial hatred, wars and hostilities, etc

Separation is undesirable because it divides and rules the world, blocking its path to Heaven on Earth

Separation is symbolised by characters such as the devil, Satan, Lucifer, the demons, the serpent, etc

You get rid of the demons in your mind by changing your attitudes/perceptions and accessing the IDEALS in your subconscious

You start by viewing the negatives - eg evil - from a different angle

But aren't murderers evil?
It is better to ask: "How does the world produce killers?"

Isn't it wrong to steal?
Only if it is right to own something

Don't criminals get what they deserve?
Punishment only fragments the world even further

How do you get rid of the negatives?
Love them, and then integrate the opposites into a whole new creation - just like the joining of male and female creates a new life - the fragmented selves becomes One

Good and evil cannot exist in a world of One Self