Please use your usual power of discernment when reading the material on this web site

We live in a symbolic Universe where all thoughts and forms are interchangeable via the Universal Language of Symbols.

Symbols function to bring us into contact with our deeper awareness and understanding

Everything has a double meaning in that it has a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" rational meaning. It also has an underlying symbolic meaning

If you let them, the rational and intuitive minds interact to make you consciously aware of the symbolic meaning

What does your home symbolise?
Your subconscious mind (outdoors represents the physical conscious mind)

What do your mother and father represent?
Your subconscious and conscious past respectively

What do your brother and sister symbolise?
Your current conscious and subconscious respectively

What does your cat symbolise?
Warmth. Cats are heat seekers. Its temporary affectionate behaviour means you are getting warmer (or closer to the Truth) at that very moment

What does the ocean symbolise?
The Source, spiritual Self, subconscious and/or emotions

What does the beach represent?
The boundary between the physical conscious (land) and the infinite subconscious (ocean)

Which symbols do life dreams (ordinary life) use compared with night dreams?
They both use exactly the same symbols

What conclusions can you draw from life dreams?
Anything that comes into your conscious awareness can be interpreted exactly as if you had dreamed it in your sleep