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On a scale of 1 to12, where would you place our present conscious life?
The 3rd dimension (although some people can attain higher levels)

Can you explain a 12-dimensional world to a 3-dimensional being?
It is very difficult - much like trying to describe the colour "red" to a blind person

Heaven on Earth lies in which dimension?
The 5th, which is beyond the polarity of duality such as good and evil

What lies in the intervening 4th dimension?
It is the archetypal zone of dreams and feelings - some personal and world drama is bound to occur before we reach the 5th dimension

Why do we unite - the singular "I" becoming integrated "WE" - the more we ascend?
The 12 dimensions are symbolised by the pyramid - we ascend from a large number of separate individuals at the base toward a single Source at the top

How do you ascend to the 4th and 5th dimension?
You will be expertly guided on how to reprogram yourself along the way

Who is the guide?
Your spiritual Self

How will you notice the reprogramming taking place?
Your outlook will brighten, although any change is inevitably exposed to some mental anguish.

What lies beyond the pain?
A transformed you with a wonderful perspective of the world

When do you reach Heaven on Earth?
As soon as you have been transformed

What is the timing for this to happen?
It has already begun

How will you know when Heaven on Earth has been reached?
When love, peace and harmony permeate the air