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What is the Universal Mind?
It is simply a unifying name for our common Source residing in the 12th dimension

How do you reach the higher levels?
The 5th dimension gives you access to the higher dimensions

Why is it so important to return to the Universal Mind?
So that you can enjoy your divine power to its fullest extent

How do you ascend through the higher dimensions?
You will learn that during your stay in the 5th dimension

How much of life on Earth is predetermined?
All of creation has a master plan to reach the same goal

What is His concept of space and time?
A world of infinite possibilities

What form would you take in the hereafter?
Any form you so wish - you have divine powers

How would you experience everlasting life?
Whichever way you wish - you have divine powers

Why should you not just die here on Earth?
You are a soul, not a body, and your soul lives on forever

When are you really joyous?
When you are consciously aware of the Truth - your divine powers

What does it mean to have divine powers?
You are One with everything